"I Only Ever Want to Work with Your Bank"
How Often Do You Hear That From Your Clients?

Trusted Advisor Certification Program

The Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program
FINALLY! The Answer to Take "Trusted Advisor" from Lip Service to REAL Service to Your Clients

Can you afford not to have Certified Trusted Advisors working with YOUR best clients?

We are SOLD OUT for this fall, but a wait list is available for the enxt class to open in January 2022

The all-new Trusted Advisor™ program helps bankers build trust and rapport with clients by providing wisdom and a follow-up system that helps build a resilient relationship with them and helps clients thrive financially. Once your best clients are cared for by a Certified Trusted Advisor™ they'll never want to leave!

After completing the three levels of the program and earning Trusted Advisor™ certification, bankers will possess the tools, wisdom, and confidence needed to help customers create better outcomes, ease their financial fears, and pursue their dreams.

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Upon certification, bankers will be able to:

  • Conquer limiting beliefs and resistance to maximize the contribution to customers and community
  • Build credibility and top-of-mind positioning, and be the first call clients make when weighing financial decisions
  • Explore a discovery model to uncover deeper-level motives that drive customer decisions
  • Help people manage their fears, concerns, and anxiety about money
  • Master money allocation models and mindsets to create and protect wealth systematically

The Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program is offered by the Institute for Extraordinary Banking™, founder of the Accredited Banking Professional™ Certification—the most desired career advancement opportunity in banking today.

I would like more information to help me decide if this program is right for me or my team.