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The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™ has had the advantage of reviewing hundreds of bank strategic plans over the last 26 years. In each issue, we’ve culled through all of the best practices we’ve discovered…the essential pieces that we know exist and are vital to the strategic plans of the top community banks.

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We’ve grown from $238 million to $368 million…a 54.49 percent increase, net income grew from $2.1 million to $4.1 million…a 95.2% increase, and earning assets grow from $213 million to $332 million—a 55.66 percent increase.

G. Majors | President and CEO
The Hardin County Bank

We’ve moved from 3.3 services per household to 4.3 in 30 months. Loan growth was up $100 million in less than five months during the heart of a recession while we improved loan quality. Return on equity increased from 7.18% to 10.44% in a year. Net interest margin increased from 3.63% to 3.95% in a year with two major building projects factored in. The system works and we follow the system.

J. Marcuccilli | CEO
STAR Financial

Our ROA is 2.23, our ROE is 17.5, and our net interest margin is 5.28. We increased net interest margin over 100 basis points while we were up against Farm Credit undercutting us every day. We can’t say enough about The Emmerich Group and the difference it made for us.

K. Beckemeyer | President and CEO

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Get the Extraordinary Banker® quarterly magazine delivered FREE to your home or office.

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