What Do The Best Banks in America Actually DO to Be The Best Banks in America™?

WHAT IF... there was a book that told you, in the words of the banks' CEOs themselves, how they achieved:

  • A 2.0 ROA and NIM over 5
  • Cross-sales of 7.5+ per new account
  • Non-interest income growth of 65%
  • Net income increase of 27.6%
  • 80% core deposit funded
  • Efficiency ratio lowered from 66% to 56% in one year
  • Demand deposits increased by 63%

Sure, every bank executive WANTS those numbers...

But the Real question is... "How?"

"I belong to a bank CEO group where they point out what metrics I needed to fix. I already knew what was wrong, I just didn't know how to fix it. The Emmerich Group showed me how-- they're the real deal."

We know "how."

Not only did we help these banks achieve these outcomes, but we also wrote the book on how to get there. This book reveals a specific set of strategies you can selectively deploy with your troops. You'll hear from top-performing bank CEOs in their own words regarding the exact processes they used to take them to these levels.

We want to give you a free copy...

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