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2018 Best Banks in America Super Conference

Join Us to Gain Access to Our Most Powerful Strategies, Templates and Actionable Blueprints to Build a Stronger, More Lucrative and More Successful Bank 

“Roxanne showed us how to double our growth. We hit our loan growth goal for the year by the end of June…in our first year with Roxanne Emmerich’s help! We’ve had employees in banking 20-30 years who say they wish they’d started this program 20 years ago."  

C. Floyd, CEO & President, First National Bank of Syracuse #2 on 2016 SNL Top 100 under $1 Billion, 3-Time Banky Award Winner 

Introducing the

Best Banks in America™ Super Conference

Where the Ambitious and Elite Results-Oriented Bankers Share Power Secrets of the New Game of Banking

Register NOW to Discover Proven Strategies and Actionable Blueprints Guaranteed to Give your Bank at Least a 10x Return on your Investment

Imagine...You in a Room with America's Top Bank CEOs as They Reveal ALL Their Best-Kept Secrets to Predictably Catapult Your Profits...with Less Risk

"I've attended 24 years of high-performance networks and affiliations. They all have magic formulas and calculations to tell me how much more money I can bring to margins and profit. The missing ingredient was "how." We finally found an integrated system of both numbers and understanding with Roxanne Emmerich's system. We have a real program that has translated to high energy and commitment for every single employee. It works!"


R.L. Harmon Jr., Chairman and CEO, Bank of Tennessee


We cordially invite you to attend the most exclusive banking conference of the year. The Best Banks in America ™ Super Conference… where elite, ambitious, results-oriented bank executives and board members explore how to create fierce brand loyalty, marketplace leadership… and deliver exceptional profits at less risk. 

Why Should You and Your Team Attend?

We provide a truly unique from the standard, boring, vendor pitch conferences you may be used to.  

Instead of a "pitch-fest", you'll hear from successful bankers and business speakers, and receive training on our highly coveted Franchise System of Banking used by the Best Banks in America ™ to transform their culture and boost their profits.  

  • The Super Conference provides you a TRULY UNIQUE opportunity to see and hear exactly how your peers are breaking through their current profit and staff limitations to achieve phenomenal levels of growth and income. 
  • We focus on more than "positive thinking" and motivation - although you will feel highly motivated when you leave. "More motivation" is a far too simplistic answer to the tough problems community bankers are facing these days. You need ACTIONABLE ANSWERS, clarity, and solid, proven advice - which is exactly what you will get when you attend. 
  • You spend 3 full days connecting with other ambitious and results-oriented bankers who are "heavy users" of my advanced strategies and methods. Many have been with me for years and can attribute huge increases in their growth and profitability because of the business-building strategies I've given them. 

What is Possible for you After Attending The Best Banks In America™ Super Conference?

When you discover the strategies and blueprints presented at our conference, you will...

Create and maintain a community of raving fans who eagerly want to spread and share your brand. ● SCALE faster by empowering your team around a greater vision...a vision about far more than just "great customer service". When your vision is strong and your culture united, real "A-Players" are easy to attract, motivate, and retain. ● Deliver a true impact on your community. ● Build a legitimate competitive advantage that attracts the best customers who are willing to pay you much, much more than your competitors. ● Create a sustainable system to catapult to the top 10 percentile of your peers in every metric that matters to you-ROA, NIM, Loan Growth, Deposit Growth, Loan Quality, Efficiency Ratio…  

Not only do these results drive your bottom line, they create a sustainable competitive advantage, re-igniting everything you do with more joy, happiness and meaning to fulfill a higher purpose for good.  

At the Best Banks in America™ Super Conference we’ll start with… 

Will You Be One of the 2000 Banks Left Alive in 2022

IF history repeats itself, the demise from 16,000 banks in 2008 to less than 5800 in 2017 means we’ll only have 2000 banks left in 4 years. Will yours be one of them? 

Brilliant minds predict banking outranks all other industries ripe for VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, omplexity, and ambiguity)—the kind that has taken out over 50 percent of an industry in two years. Thus, the “it’s nuts out there” concept…  

Don't belive me because you’re having a record year?  

You and your team may be blind to the harsh reality of the banking industry…

Do your people fall for these 5 bank-destroying myths?  

Myth #1: New Accounts is a Good Measure of Success: When 87% of those new customers are unprofitable...and for banks up to $2 Billion, your top 100 customers account for anywhere from 50 to 140% of your profits, could you think of a worse metric???  

Myth #2: NIM Compression is a Given: Leading the pack of those bankers that won't survive are those that can't figure out how to get their NIM up over 4—actually, closer to 5.  

Myth #3: You Can't Command Premium Pricing on A+ Credits: Not only can you, you MUST if you want your bank to be around in 5 years. Good luck if you can't get out of the commodity game or try to do it with the "we have good people" and "we have good service" stories. That's what every bank says—and they don't believe it and they sure won't pay more than 25 basis points more for it—and that's not enough.  

Myth #4: Advertise CD Rates When You Need Deposits: Now...that's crazy! Your cost of funds goes through the roof AND you know those customers will dump you like a rock for a better rate just when you most need more deposits.  

Myth #5: A Sales Culture Happens When Sales Training, Goals, and Incentive Pay are Put in Place: Actually, thousands of banks have tried that and have little to no impact on sales results—certainly nothing sustainable. Unlike most bank CEOs who attempt sales training in hopes of growth and premium pricing, discover the secret formula of substantial and sustainable results. Note, it has little to do with sales training, goals or incentive pay.  

The list of myths still taught at many conferences and banking schools goes on—but if you look at the trend line of banks, you can see, banks who believe these bank-breaking myths are falling like flies.  

In 2017, now more than ever before, if you don’t forge full-steam ahead, you risk losing the precious ground you’ve worked your entire career to take.  

Grew Core Deposits Quickly

"We set our goal to grow our core deposits by $1 million dollars a month, $12 million for the year, and through the first quarter of 2015 we are up $7 million. We believe what we are doing with The Emmerich Group is making a difference!"


S. Jones, President, Home State Bank

Message from the Founder

Welcome, I’m Roxanne Emmerich and I’m the Founder of the Institute for Extraordinary Banking—an organization I started during the great recession to save community banking and all the benefits communities receive from having entrepreneurial and community-minded banks as a backbone for those. communities. When Gallup identified “banker” as the least respected profession, I was concerned not only for our industry—but for the people who need our industry to thrive so that they can thrive. I started as an ag and commercial lender, ran a denovo, started two denovo’s as a key investment partner, and have spent 27 years working with the best banks in the country as the CEO of The Emmerich Group—the only firm that bring high performance to banks through integrated strategy, marketing, sales, culture and service iron-clad systems.

I’m committed out of my mind to save community banking—if community banks go down, so goes communities and then America. And I know that one of the problems with community banks is they fail miserably about how to differentiate themselves. That’s why I started the Institute was to offer the “Banky” Award—a clear way for people to choose them and pay them more. I also realized that there’s a lot of bad information out there and that is why so many bankers couldn’t work any harder are not probably going to make it—they’re working off the wrong model so there is nothing they can’t do to not be “disrupted.” That’s why I started Extraordinary Banking TV for execs and board members to get the right information from the very top performers. I welcome you to attend the Best Banks in America Super Conference to see what is possible for you with the tools and the insights shared by others who are the best of the best.

And now, I'm sponsoring and facilitating what I believe will be the best conference this year for community bankers...  


The 2018 Best Banks in America™ Super Conference & Extraordinary Banking™ Awards Ceremony

Break Through Every Critical Metric with the Most Advanced 3-Day Banking Conference in America

At the Marriott Hotel, Minneapolis, MN On September 10th through 12th

"We not only met EVERY goal in ALL our branches, but we exceeded many of our goals by 100 percent! Our entire organization acts like a team! I can't imagine any CEO who wouldn't want this."


C. Hoffman, President & CEO, Richwood Bank
2015 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award Winner

Here's What You'll Get When You Register for the Best Banks in America™ Super Conference 

  • The Proven, Ready-To-Use, Specific, Revenue-Boosting Strategies. No other conference or event in the banking industry delivers as many usable, tested and proven strategies, examples and tools for attracting more clients and closing more sales. When you leave, you'll have dozens of ready-to-use, actionable sales development tools you can take home and instantly imlement in your bank to generate real growth, fast.  
  • To Hang Out with Winners—Not Whiners. We attract banking exeutives full of positive energy and a willingness to connect, mastermind, and share what really works. The people who attend our conferences are ACHIEVERS, eager to share the strategies they used to create massive success and record-breaking profits. If you struggle with developing A+ quality clients and you’re not happy with your team’s ability to get premium pricing on the highest quality prospects, you need to be here, with us, learning and soaking up the energy.  
  • An Amazing Lineup of Experts and Speakers. Every year, we bring in top-notch, world-class experts and speakers that present on everything from sales-generating plans to proen business success strategies. What you hear will increase your profitability, motivate and reinvigorate your resolve, change your culture and hiring practices to attract A-players, and much more. Each year, attendees are always impressed with the high caliber of speakers...and the takeaways that directly impact their bottom line.  
  • The Profit-Rich MasterMind Executive Exclusive. Executives rave about the process Roxanne takes them through to breakthrough the roadblocks holding them back. Hearing other great bankers break through those limitations one after another will give you a notebook full of ideas you can implement within weeks of returning home.  
  • The Contest for The Car – And The Unbelievable Revenue Generating Ideas You’ll Get From Hearing from The Top Three Banks. Every year, the Institute holds a contest to determine the Best Banks in America. Hundreds of banks have received the Banky™ award. A proven market differentiator. Each year, during the Super Conference, one o the top 3 banks is chosen as the Best Bank in America and receives…a car! Plus we donate $10,000 towards our fouder's philanthropic pasion of building schools in Africa, in the name of the winning bank.  
  • Your Batteries Will Be Recharged. While this is not a "rah-rah" motivational event, year after year, attendees praise the event for reinvigorating their passion for their bank, teams, and culture. With the powerful tools and knowledge you will discover, you will leave feeling a fresh new excitement about your bank and a renewed confidence to hit your biggest goals.  
  • The Tangible Return on Your Investment GUARANTEED. Every year we make the same guarantee: At the end of the conference, if you don't feel absolutely certain that the content, speakers and takeaways were worth FAR MORE than the time and money invested to attend and that you can use them to generate a massive return on your investment, we'll refund every penny you paid PLUS up to $500 in documented travel fees. Who else makes that kind of guarantee on their conference? We guarantee results because we deliver them, year after year. Instead of your standard "pitch-fest", we focus the entire 3 days on content to grow your profits, including the Breakthrough Banking® Predictable Success Blueprint proven to generate big returns within weeks of implementation. 

"Our ROA is 2.23, our ROE is 17.5, and our net interest margin is 5.28. We increased net interest margin over 100 basis points while we were up against Farm Credit undercutting us every day. We can't say enough about The Emmerich Group and the difference it made for us."


K. Beckmeyer, President & CEO, Legence Bank
3-Time Banky Award Winner and Finalist

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Tickets for one executive or board member is just $1295 and $495 for each additional executive or board member you bring 

(Regular Retail Price is $1,995 per person. You save $700.00) Early Bird 1 enrollment ends May 18, 2018 AND, because of registrations already booked, we only have seating available for an additional 93 61 that respond. It will sell out.  

We GUARANTEE You A 10X ROI Or It's FREE With Our

"You-Gotta-Be-Kidding-Me" Grand Slam Satisfaction + Results Guarantee

We want to make this an easy "yes" for you.  

We are so convinced you will be blown away by the bank-building ideas, tools, blueprints and strategies you receive during the Super Conference, We're willing to take on more than our fair share of the risk of your investment.  

So, book your tickets and attend all three days of the event. If, at the end of day 3, you're not cured of your disbelief, once again giddy with excitement about the future of your bank and thoroughly convinced that this is the most valuable three days you'll invest all year, simply say so to any member of our staff, hand in your conference materials, and we'll refund your ENTIRE investment, plus, pay you up to $500 per person for documented travel expenses.  

But we don't stop there...we also guarantee your post-event results. If after six months you've implemented at least five of the strategies from the event, and you've not seen AT LEAST a 10-times return on your registration investment, we'll refund your full paid registration fee.  

Registration is simple and takes just a few moments…act now, before the event sells out. Do not risk missing the event and delaying your maximum profitable growth another year.


  • Call (952) 737-6700 between 8AM and 5PM Central, M-F
  • Register online right now in less than five minutes  

This IS your path to building an elite-level bank. 

If you are ready to thrive in 2018 and beyond, NOW is the time for action.

See you at the conference,  

Roxanne Emmerich Founder - The Institute for Extraordinary Banking 

September 10-12, 2018

Minneapolis, MN

Meet Roxanne Emmerich

Host of and New York Times Bestselling Author

You're Protected by Our 10x Results or Your Money Back DOUBLE Guarantee

If by noon the second day, you’re not cured of your disbelief, once again giddy with excitement about the future of your bank and thoroughly convinced that this is the most valuable three days you’ll invest all year, simply say so to any member of my staff and we’ll refund your ENTIRE investment, plus, pay you up to $500 per person for documented travel expenses. 

OR…stay for the entire event and if after three months you’ve fully implemented at least five of the ideas we’ve shared and haven’t received a tenfold return on your investment in this bootcamp, we’ll refund your entire registration fee.

Here's Why Bankers are Raving About Super Conference & The Emmerich Group

"Net Income Increased 125%"


"We Don't Compete on Rate Anymore!"


"Cross-Sales Average 5+"


"A Road Map for Success"


"Efficiency Ratio Cut by 15% & ROA up 98%"


"14% Leverage Ratio - Putting Capital to Work for You"


"The Wonders of Growing Loan and Retail Growth Side-by-Side"


"36 Conversions for $61 Million"


"What it Really Takes to Get to The Top Percentile in Your Peer Group"


"How to Find Your Target Market and Reach Them"


"Up over 47% in Net Income in One Year"


"Every Customer Brings a Friend and Stays for Life"


"How Extraordinary Mystery Shopping Scores Can Be Turned Into Revenue"


"Getting to a Cross-Sales Ratio of 5 in Less Than a Month"


"Voted Top 10 Employers in Washington State"


"Getting to a 5 in Cross Sales Ratio"


"Top Places to Work in Iowa for 3rd Consecutive Year"


"We've Had Some Really High-Quality Hires This Year"


"$400 Million in Assets and Record Earnings of $6 Million"


"How to Achieve Record Loan Production With Your Managers"


"The Number One Thing You Can Do This Year


"Increasing Non-Interest Bearing Deposits by Over 100 Basis Points in One Year"