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2018 Breakthrough Banking Summit

Where Top-Performing Bank Executives go to Start the Transformation from "Good Bank" to "Great Bank"... to becoming one of The Best Banks in America™

On Our Way to $1 Billion and We Started Our Journey at an Emmerich Event!  

"With an unheard of ROA of 1.47% and an ROE of 13.42%, First Volunteer Bank has grown total assets by $36MM to $957MM in the first 8 months of 2017.  

Since 2013, the we've organically grown assets almost $100MM. As of Q2-2017 Call Report data, we are number sixteen out of 152 in the state of Tennessee for Net Interest Margin, a NIM of 4.70%.  

We are number five in the state on pre-tax return on Average Equity. We are on our way to being a healthy and profitable $1 billion dollar bank!" 

P. Steele, President and CEO, First Volunteer Bank 2015 Extraordinary Bank of the Year Winner Inductee to The Extraordinary Banking Hall of Fame 

Net Income Doubled in 3 Years! & Ranked #2 on 2016 SNL Top 100 under $1 Billion

"In the last three years, assets have grown 44%, loans 64% and net income has doubled - and we were ranked #2 by SNL for banks under $1 Billion!"

C. Floyd, CEO & President, First National Bank of Syracuse 3-Time Banky Award Winner 

The Countdown is on for the Breakthough Banking Summit!


When you join us you'll receive exclusive access to The Franchise System of Banking used by the Top Earning Community Banks in America

Complete with the tools, blueprints, and formulas you need to attract A+ Credits and win them at a 40-60 basis point premium

Listen to these CEOs describe the transformation of their banks, then you decide if you want to play their game, or stay on the outside looking in...


The missing ingredient was “how”—now we have it...

“I’ve attended 24 years of high-performance networks and affiliations. They all have magic formulas and calculations to tell me how much more money I can bring to margins and profit. The missing ingredient was “how.” We finally found an integrated system of both numbers and understanding with Roxanne Emmerich’s system. We have a real program that has translated to high energy and commitment for every single employee. It works!” 

R.L. Harmon, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Bank of Tennessee

Are any of these problems keeping you up at night?

You KNOW you offer the best customer service in town. Yet, you struggle to command net interest margin in the top 5 percent of your peer group while still capturing A+ quality credits, and you don't know why...

You can’t seem to break your sales team's order taking habit. While other community banks are getting to 7, 8, and even 9 cross sales on average, your people are still in the mediocre 2.2 range on cross sales on new accounts. 

Your “tellers” are not “sellers”—the universal banking model requires this shift and fast...yet, no matter how you try to engage and motivate them, their fear of selling remains.

Your lenders default to rate matching, despite decades of solid attempts to correct this profit-eating habit. As a result, your net interest margin is now on life support.  

FinTech and Apps are coming after your customers and profits in new ways every day - committed to wiping out traditional banking with virtual access. Yet, you struggle to create a strategy to overcome the impact of tech on your bank's ability acquire and retain customers.

You’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on “branding” - and the truth is that you can’t point to one single dollar of additional business or premium pricing directly attributed to it, making it the single worst investment in the last decade. It's time to amp up the return on marketing dollars with strategies that work in today's world.

If you recognize any of these as critical problems...

DO NOT MISS the Breakthrough Banking Summit.

When you attend you'll receive proven strategies, blueprints, and templates--all used by top-producing banks--so that you can LEAD YOUR PEOPLE out of the tats quo rut to exceptional, career-affirming results...

March 7-8, 2018

Atlanta, GA

Meet Roxanne Emmerich

Host of and New York Times Bestselling Author

Here's What Bankers are Saying About Breakthrough Banking Summit

"Net Income Up 125%"


"We Don't Compete on Rate Anymore!"


"Cross-Sales Average 5+"


Who Should Attend

This is a must attend event for CEOs, presidents, executives, vice-presidents, board members and top-producing movers and shakers in the community banking world. Send a big enough team so you can return to your bank and hit the ground running...

DO NOT MISS THIS: 2 Exclusive Sessions for Executives

CEOs: Mastermind your biggest challenges and opportunities with Roxanne Emmerich in a Private CEO-only Mastermind session. You’re guaranteed to walk away with new insights and clarity, plus an action plan for what to do to reach the next level of success. 

Executives and Board Members: Join the Executive Roundtable, led by Kristi Miller to discover how executives from the best banks in America are creating team accountability and driving breakthrough results. 

"Embark on this transformation, it really works!"


What You'll Get When You Register for Breakthrough Banking Summit

  • The Double-Your-Cross-Sales Blueprint process. Over 95 percent of banks who implemented this system doubled or even tripled their cross sales within 4-5 months. Are you next? (This process alone is VALUE FAR BEYOND the price of admission.)

  • The 3-Step Extreme Differentiator template creates unique selling propositions to win more business at extreme premium pricing. 

  • The Sales Multiplier Team Hiring System - Hire the right people for the sales job...and lower turnover with this easy to implement system.

  • The Proprietary No-More-Order Taking 7-Step Sales Process - a sales process everyone on the retail side of the bank can feel good about (and get results with), even if they hate selling or are afraid to sell. If it feels like sales, you’re doing wrong.

  • The Sales Letter Template Checklist quadruples your response rate to every letter you send. 

  • Profit-Rich Customer Analysis™ identifies your top 100 most profitable customers—so you can capitalize on them.


  • A one-on-one Profit Maximizer Analysis™. In this focused call, Roxanne Emmerich works with your executive team to identify the single biggest leverage point for increasing profit, while maintaining the highest quality customers. You’ll walk away with a clear vision of where to focus to increase your profits this year. (valued at $3000).

  • The Profit-Growth Banking Playbook—helps you implement the tools and strategies you learn at the summit immediately when you get home. A book filled with everything you’ll use at the summit, plus tools to create Premium Pricing USPs, develop your Top 100 marketing strategies to attract your most profitable customers, and increase accountability throughout your bank’s culture. 

  • The Executive Team Post-Event Implementation Jumpstart Call—Your implementation generates your return on investment. We help you jumpstart that return right away with this valuable call. 

  • Your Naked Truth Sales Team Scorecard™—My team of experts will “test” your Sales Team Member’s current processes and suggest precisely what changes can be made now to improve their results quickly and permanently (valued at $1,295).

  • Profit-Rich Psychographic/Firmographic Analysis Tool™ identifies your next most profitable you can replicate their results.

Exciting Growth, in Just Two Years…

- Total assets grew 14% a year ago, and another 15% this year! - Non-interest Bearing Deposits are up 95%, in two years! - Interest income grew 19% in the last year (and 8% the year before)! - Loan production is up 65%! - Net income skyrocketed by 74% in the last 12 months! - ROAE is up 42.5%! - ROAA is up 45%!

L. Harrison, President and CEO Virginia Partners Bank/Maryland Partners Bank

"Transformed Our Bank!"

“We increased our ROA and boosted Net Interest Margin by over 100 basis points each, in less than 18 months. The culture change has transformed our bank. Our CFO now thinks the sky is the limit.” 

K. Beckemeyer, CEO, Legence Bank

"Created Admirable Results in Just 6 Months"

"Already exceeded goals on 5 of our 6 key critical drivers and it’s only August!  

- Net Interest Margin from 3.47 to 3.81 - ROA from .61% to .81% - ROE from 7.81% to 11.27% - Efficiency ratio reduced from 71.9% to 67.4% - Closed 15 “Top 100” high-quality prospects (our yearly goal is 25)

A. Fritschle, President and CEO, First Bank

"Increased Cross-Sales Across all 29 Branches by 297%"

“When we started with you, cross-sales were in the 2s, and now we’re in excess of 5 on average across the company, with some banks well in excess of 7.”

Michael Scheopner, CEO, Landmark National Bank

EVERY measure has improved!

"In less than two years…  

- Total assets grew from $256 million to $400 million! - Loan quality improved, while we grew from $230 million to $340 million! - Corporate culture score improved from 5.69 to 6.34, with improvement in every measure! - Cross sales moved from non-existent to consistently over 4! - Profitability increased from $1.6 million to over $3 million! - We achieved excellent regulatory ratings! - We successfully raised $22 million in new capital! - We were voted one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma!"

S. Kouplen, Chairman & CEO, Regent Bank 

We’ve hit a 6.7 average for cross-sales for our whole team!

“For a team that didn’t ever think about sales before a year and a half ago, that’s wonderful. We’ve hit a 6.7 average for cross-sales for our whole team and have had individuals as high as 12!” 

S. Jones, President, Home State Bank 2016 Extraordinary Bank of the Year Winner Inductee to The Extraordinary Banking Hall of Fame 

"Added $164 Million in Assets in Only 16 Months"

"I did not want a sales trainer coming in to tell us how to pressure the clients to take more of our services, whether they needed them or not. What I love about Roxanne’s program is that you establish the cross-sales based solidly on the needs of the client."

B. Flynn, President and CEO, Community Financial Services Bank

You're Protected by Our 10x Results or Your Money Back DOUBLE Guarantee

If by noon the second day, you’re not cured of your disbelief, once again giddy with excitement about the future of your bank and thoroughly convinced that this is the most valuable three days you’ll invest all year, simply say so to any member of my staff and we’ll refund your ENTIRE investment, plus, pay you up to $500 per person for documented travel expenses. 

OR…stay for the entire event and if after three months you’ve fully implemented at least five of the ideas we’ve shared and haven’t received a tenfold return on your investment in this summit, we’ll refund your entire registration fee.

The only way you lose is by not attending...

I can’t imagine any CEO who wouldn’t want this...

"We not only met EVERY goal in ALL our branches, but we exceeded many of our goals by 100 percent! Our entire organization acts like a team!"

C. Hoffman, President and CEO, The Richwood Banking Company 2015 Extraordinary Bank of the Year Winner

"Cross-Sales Tripled!"

"In two years, loans are up 34%, assets are up 21%, and we’ve added 60 basis points to Net Interest Margin, but the really dramatic change is our cross-sales. We tripled, from 2.9 to 8.4, on average across the bank—we view this as the ultimate vote of trust from our customers. It’s unbelievable, but very real."

K. Knudsen, President & CEO, Security Bank 2017 Extraordinary Bank of the Year Winner 

Who wouldn't want a 95% increase in net income...?

Since working with you, we’ve grown from $238 million to $368 million…a 54% increase, net income grew from $2.1 million to $4.1 million…a 95% increase, and earning assets grew from $213 million to $332 million—a 56% increase. 

Net interest margin increased from 3.90 to 4.32, and we’re operating with 1.25% or less past dues. We did this without growing staff. We now only target A+ credits like you taught us." 

G. Majors, CEO, The Hardin Country Bank

Nearly $8 million in assets per employee...  

"Nearly $8 million in assets per employee while voted Top 50 Best Places to Work in Iowa–3rd Year in a Row." 

J. Burnett, CEO, Libertyville Savings Bank 

Jill Burnett

"A Road Map for Success"


"Efficiency Ratio Cut by 15% & ROA up 98%"


Leave the "Pitch Fests" behind and make real progress, Executives agree, this Summit is unlike any other in banking...

"This was the best most idea-packed seminar I have ever attended." 

T. Budreau, Senior Vice President Bank of Tescott

"The information will help me and the bank achieve our financial and profit goals." 

S. Dixon, Senior Vice President Bank of Tennessee

"Attendance to this seminar was a leap of faith as I had no exposure to this type of system. I left with enthusiasm to ‘BE the miracle.’" 

J. Rottinghaus, President Conway Bank

"The Summit rocks!! They provided the roadmap to continued success for the team. They break down the sales process in 7 easy steps and it doesn’t feel salesy." 

J. Apple, EVP, Business Development Community Financial Services

"This conference is a great way to bring awareness to building and motivating yourself and your employees to a whole new level of awesome." 

B. Beltz, CTO Pioneer Bank

"Whatever position you’re in (production or operations), your environment will change. Be prepared to change to demonstrate successful traits." 

B. Hamby, Senior Credit Officer/SVP Bank of Tennessee

"I’ve been to hundreds of seminars as CEO of several banks. I learned more in two days at this event than I did in all the other seminars combined." 

D. Solsby, Senior Vice President and Director of Business Banking Independence Bank

"Conference that forces you to question your methods while motivating you to get on it!!" 

J. McQuistan, Vice President Iowa-Nebraska Bank

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